Ravenscroft Model 220

Ravenscroft Model 220


7′ 3″ of exhilarating performance is at your fingertips with the Model 220. Enormous full bass, clear lush tenor, and an exquisite singing treble characterize the meticulously sculpted sound. The actions are individually CAD optimized to each piano in order to provide precise control and finesse that is incomparable. An exquisite German handcrafted case completes the peerless work of art in every respect.

We invite you to personalize your Ravenscroft piano with our exclusive “one-on-one” design consultation at our facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona. Together we will create your unique dream performance instrument.

Base price USD 230,000.

Ravenscroft Pianos
Ravenscroft Pianos


Truly Handcrafted

When you select a Ravenscroft Piano, you also receive a piece of our lives. We specialize in custom piano design and building. Our core focus is to work directly with you to conceive, design, and build the piano of your dreams. Gathering together the world’s finest materials, we lovingly and meticulously create the personalized tone, action response, and visual aesthetics of your dream piano here at our studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Ravenscroft Look

Since a piano typically becomes the focal point of any room, it must be aesthetically pleasing and exist in harmony with its surroundings. This is ensured by balanced designs and a wide variety of finishes, materials, and exceptional craftsmanship in the assembly process.

The Ravenscroft Sound

We incorporate an exclusively unique design in our soundboards. The thickness of the beginning panel, the number and dimensions of the ribs, the radius of the crowning press, and the radius of the ribs all work together to produce a specific sound profile. Soundboard wood from the same forest chosen by Mr. A. Stradivari is also available for your Ravenscroft piano. Instruments created with this precious wood are identified by a certification number from E. Ciresa Srl Company of Italy.

The Ravenscroft Feel

Every Ravenscroft action is individually optimized for unsurpassed performance. Additionally, we have developed a method to control and smooth the inertia of the action, not just as a whole but from note to note. Though time-intensive, this meticulous attention to detail allows the pianist to focus on expression and tone instead of having to overcome inconsistencies of the action.


#1 bass string length 1,677 mm (66″)
Weight 385 kg (849 lbs)
Length 220 cm (7′ 3″)
Height 104 cm (3′ 5″)
Width 154 cm (5′ 1″)
Rim 65mm thick, 37ply alternating beech mahogany cross-laminated construction
Bracing 3ply solid beech beams with horizontally laminated beech belly rail
Action Renner action, Weickert Felt Hammers
Keys/Keyframe Kluge keys and keyframe
Keytop material Naturals: Tharan from Kluge – Ivory and multiple options available Sharps: Solid ebony standard – multiple options available
Soundboard Italian Fiemme Spruce or AAA select Sitka Spruce – other options available
Ribbing Hand-selected eastern Canadian spruce
Pinblock Bolduc 5ply quarter-sawn maple
Tuning pins Diamond pins from Klinke of Germany
Bass Strings Ravenscroft specific design
Plain wire Mapes International Gold
Bridges Ravenscroft specific design – vertically laminated body of ebony, hard rock maple , and mahogany with select hardwood cap
Bridge pins Titanium
Hitch pins Titanium
Duplex scaling Multiple rear duplex scaling from note 49 to 88
Lyre Patented box/frame construction for maximum structural integrity
Trapwork All steel construction for maximum performance and structural integrity
Keybed 40mm thick, 3ply solid select white spruce with steel reinforcement bar
Music desk Patented 4-position music desk
Lid prop 3-position
Casters German manufactured, solid brass, locking concert casters with hard rubber outer layer – numerous options available
Pedals Sustain, full sostenuto, soft (unacorda)
Finish German hand-finished polyester or numerous options available
Fallboard Soft fall, hydraulic controlled closure system