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Ravenscroft Pianos

About Michael 45 Years of Experience

Michael Spreeman is the creator of Ravenscroft Pianos and co-founder of Spreeman Piano Innovations, LLC. Beginning his successful career as a high-end piano technician and rebuilder in 1976, Michael has worked 45 years as a concert technician, rebuilder, service technician, and instructor.

Ravenscroft Pianos

He has worked as a technical consultant for Renner, Fazioli, Yamaha, Steinway, and Baldwin. Michael served as head Steinway technician in San Francisco, National Technical Consultant for Yamaha USA, Head Technician for Arizona State University, and has been “ House Concert Technician” for several recording studios, Performance Halls and symphony orchestras.

Ravenscroft Pianos
Ravenscroft Pianos
Ravenscroft Pianos

Specialized Concert Training

Having a passion for continually improving his skills, he has also had the opportunity to receive specialized Concert Training in Sacile, Italy, with Fazioli and Concert & Artist and Disklavier Training with Yamaha. Michael is a long-standing member of the Piano Technicians Guild and was awarded the German “Klavierbauer” certification in 2006. In addition to building the Ravenscroft Pianos, he is also an International Instructor and instructor for the acclaimed Renner Academy.


Ravenscroft Pianos


Ravenscroft Model 220

Ravenscroft Model 275

Only the Finest Make the Cut

Our custom piano builds begin with the selection of preeminent materials around the world, where all of the various components are hand-selected. Whether the exotic veneers from Africa, Egypt, or South America to the precision hardware from Germany, only the most exceptional raw materials make the cut to become a part of our Ravenscroft Pianos.

Ravenscroft Pianos


Inteview with Michael Spreeman

Ravenscroft Pianos featured on FOX News

Ravenscroft Piano played by Nicole Pesce

A Custom Ravenscroft Model 275 is Commissioned for TCA

Ravenscroft Piano played by Donna Marie Hartley

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